ART PHILLIPS, Writer Director candidate for the APRA Board of Directors

Art Phillips

Writer Director Candidate | APRA BOARD

  •  As an active composer and songwriter, supporting Australian composers and songwriters by ensuring value and respectful conditions for music creators is a priority for me.
  • As the longest-serving President of the ‘Australian Guild of Screen Composers’, and having Chaired and sat on many industry advisory boards and committees, I have gained extensive experience with lobbying and advocating for creative rights and conditions of music creators in Australasia and abroad.
  • As the owner and director of a successful production music catalogue, 101 Music Pty Ltd®, with representation in 85 countries under 26 separate sub-publishing agreements across the world, I understand the challenges facing music creators working here and overseas.
  • I am in an executive producer position where I commission composers for artist and writer releases under my production music label, as well as for other affiliate production music companies around the world. The production music arena is a wonderful vehicle for compositional asset creation for artists and writers as it embraces a life beyond the norm for copyright success. My sub-publishers act as my music agents and distributors, whereby they ensure use of this music as ‘licensees under agreement’, sharing in the publishing and label copyright. These sub-publishers promote the music catalogue to their local television networks and content producers, making artistic works more accessible to a wider audience globally.
  • As a strong supporter of the education sector, I am committed to emerging composers and their future. I am focused on helping to educate composers about the importance of critical ‘metadata’ for all their music deliveries. I am the ‘Music in Film & Television’ Councillor for Music Australia (Music Council of Australia) since 2005, and I am Deputy Chair of the Academic Board of the Australian Institute of Music since 2016.
  • I sit on the Academic Senate of the Universal Business School of Sydney (UBSS) and am also a member of their Course Advisory Committee. I have written case studies and curriculum for the business school on creative arts, and I lecture on their Masters of Business Administration (MBA) subject ‘Entrepreneurship Research Report’.
  • I am the Chair of the Queen Anne School of Management (QASM) ‘Course Advisory Committee’.
  • I write and deliver the ‘Masters of Music & Media’ course and subjects at Excelsia College (formerly The Wesley Institute), with a focus on music for the screen, theatre, musicals, songwriting, live performance and orchestration techniques.
  • I support the development of entrepreneurial skillsets necessary to run a successful business.
  • I will ensure that the views of composers are effectively represented, as I am passionate about a sustainable career for music creators.

Should I be elected, I would use my knowledge and experience to ensure that the views of all composers are represented effectively in an effort to continue to enhance the relationship between the industry and our unique craft.

I would welcome suggestions from you along the way in order to bring currency matters to the boardroom agenda.

Thank you for your support and consideration regarding my candidacy for the position as ‘Australian Writer Director’ on the ‘APRA Board of Directors’.

Art Phillips

Art Phillips is a multi-award winning composer and songwriter including two Emmy’s, gold and platinum Record Industry Association of America Awards, Global Music Awards, APRA-AGSC Screen Music Awards, AFI/AACTA Awards and ARIA-Awards, plus many other award nominations.

Art’s screen credits span across feature film, documentary, advertising and television for networks including the ABC, Seven, Nine, Ten, as well as USA & UK television broadcasters, including the television series Neighbours, Missing Persons Unit, Outback House, Catalyst, Santa Barbara, The Flying Vet, Pirate Islands-The Lost Treasure of Fiji, As The World Turns, One Life To Live, General Hospital, The Love Boat, Sher Mountain Mystery, Fatal Bond, and many more.

Art has composed and produced over 65 production music (library) albums for numerous multi-national companies. In addition, his own production music label, 101 Music Pty Ltd®, has 45 album releases in the music catalogue. His music is used globally across 85 countries in television shows including Survivor, America’s Most Wanted, Hollywood Medium, Twisted Sister, 60 Minutes, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, NBC Today Show, Dateline (NBC), Fox Sports, Secrets Of The Earth, Dancing with the Stars (USA), and many more.

He is the longest-serving President of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers (2001 ~ 2008), and was Vice President from 1992 ~ 2000.

Art has a Master of Music Studies, is the ‘Music in Film and Television’ Councillor for Music Australia since 2005, and is Deputy Chair of the Academic Board of the Australian Institute of Music (AIM). Art Phillips has extensive experience representing and lobbying for composers globally.

His dedication in aiding composers along the path of entrepreneurship and business skill is an important part of his work, with the focus on helping to educate artists and music composers for a successful and long-term future.