Testimonials / Quotes


Personal letter from Mr. Elmer Bernstein – Composer / December 2003

“I finally got a chance to look at the video of the event in Australia (The APRA/AGSC SCREEN MUSIC AWARDS 2003). I must say that it was very clear that you really understood that music (performance of Far From Heaven suite – conductor: Art Phillips). It was the first time I heard that particular piece played out of my hands. As you can imagine by the nature of the music, it is one of my most personal scores. I was pleased that you caught the spirit.”

Elmer Bernstein

Barry Manilow – recording artist, songwriter, music producer & arranger / October 2010

“Art Phillips was my guitarist for a few years. Wonderful, wonderful musician. I’ll never forget our years together. My catalogue is filled with just about every style (except rap!) and he was able to dive into every single song I brought up. And we wrote a great song together! Loved working with Art. Great musician and super songwriter.”

Barry Manilow

Alan Ett – CEO, AECG LLC, Spirit Music Collective & Spirit Production Music (USA)

‘Rarely in life does one meet an Art Phillips, someone who is eminently capable professionally and artistically. It has been a joy working with Art and the 101 Music Pty Ltd® catalog for the past few years and witnessing the evolution of something truly special.  As an Executive Producer of film, as well as CEO of music companies, I can attest to the artistic integrity of this catalog and how special it is.  Enjoy something unique’!

Alan Ett

Gaynor Fawkes – Co-owner and music supervisor, All Music Publishing BV (The Netherlands)

“Just loving the Sports Extravaganza album (101M037).  Art, this is bang on”……!

Gaynor Fawkes

Michael Duer – Executive VP, Sakura Notes Co., Ltd (Japan)
(June 2018)

“The moment we heard the music, we felt that 101 Music Pty Ltd would be very suitable for our market here in Japan.  It’s been 5 years since we began representing the catalogue, and our clients love ‘101’!  Quality music in varied styles, yet not over produced like so many of today’s production music libraries tend to become.  Kudos to Art and team.

Michael Duer

Sung-Wook Kim, CEO & Kylie Yang, Vice President – Modoocom Co. Ltd, South Korea
(July 2018)

“We are proud to be representing 101 Music Pty Ltd in South Korea. One of the catalogues highlights is the acoustic Italian album Taste of Italy (101M019), especially since Grandpa’s Kitchen from that album, composed, arranged and performed by Art Phillips, was placed for the commercial film Travel Campaign for Italy.  This particular album, as with Italian Holiday (101M032), has become quite famous for ‘something uniquely Italian’ with our commercial film and television producers.

“101 Music Pty Ltd is an asset to our distribution content”.

Sung-Wook Kim

Ivo Burum – Executive Producer / October 2010

“Working with Art on Outback House and Missing Persons Unit gave both series a signature and emotional resonance that hit a lasting chord with audiences.”

Ivo Burum

Judith John-Story – Series Producer, ‘The Lost Treasure of Fiji’ / September 2010

“I really enjoyed the journey we took together on The Lost Treasure of Fiji. Collaborating with Art was great – he combines professionalism and enthusiasm in equal parts.”

Judith John-Story

Jo Smith – Executive Director, The Australian Guild of Screen Composers / October 2010

“The Australian Guild of Screen Composers was very privileged to have Art as President from 2001 – 2008 and benefited enormously from his dedication, organisational skills and vision. Under Art’s guidance the Screen Music Awards went from being a small event to one of Australia’s major screen industry awards in partnership with APRA.”

Jo Smith

Andrew Forsyth – Producer/Director, Pemberton Productions / September 2010

“When I’m looking for extraordinary creative talent for a production I need two things above and beyond raw talent; someone who takes the time to understand the brief, who really get’s inside the head of the audience; and someone who just ‘get’s it’ and then exceeds the brief, delighting audiences beyond our expectations. Working with Art was a fantastic experience – he truly delivers emotional solutions through music.”

Andrew Forsyth

Joe Matera – guitarist, music journalist and composer. Attendee to Australian International Music Show (AIMS), Melbourne Australia seminar ‘Music Scoring for Television, Film and Multimedia’ – presenter: Art Phillips / October 2010

“I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your workshop, it was very informative, helpful, inspiring and the best workshop I’ve gone to in many, many years. You did a fantastic job and wanted to say thank you. I learned a lot from your workshop and will be putting everything you spoke about, advised and suggested into practice.”

Joe Matera

Dr. Greg Whateley – Principal – The Australian International Conservatorium of Music ( AICM ) / January 2010

“I have considered the music of Art Phillips on a number of occasions and he has the special gift of being able to capture the essence and spirit of Australia.”

Dr. Greg Whateley

Ivo Burum – Executive Producer of Outback House / July 2005

“Outback House is inspired by the courageous 19th century pioneers who built Australia. This dramatic period in Australian history is brought to life on the ABC by a group of 21st century adventurers who travel back in time to 1861, to run Oxley Downs, a fully operational sheep station. The compelling drama that is Outback House, is hauntingly interwoven with Art Phillips’ equally heroic music score.”

Ivo Burum

May 2008 / Dr. Greg Whateley – Principal – The Australian International Conservatorium of Music ( AICM ) / May 2008

“Reflecting on some fifteen years of tertiary teaching at Griffith University, Central Queensland University, the Australian Institute of Music and the Australian International Conservatorium of Music – it is my view that Art Phillips is one of the most talented lecturers I have ever seen in action. He is engaging, focused, magnificently prepared and has an extraordinary capacity to deal with students who are at so many levels of their development. I have learnt so much about teaching from him, not to mention film and television music. In recognition of his achievements and talent AICM recently appointed him a Senior Visiting Fellow – we are proud to be associated.”

Dr. Greg Whateley

Christine Lorraine  – cellist and bassist,

(reminiscing) “Even though Art was in high school, he played with the skill of a 40-year-old jazz guitarist. He was quite impressive” (2017)

ABC Music Publishing newsletter / November 2003

“The night featured a 46 piece orchestra, ably lead by the President of the AGSC, Art Phillips and fellow conductor, Bill Motzing. The evening also included a musical tribute to Elmer Bernstein, the man behind “To Kill A Mockingbird”, “The Age Of Innocence” and “The Ten Commandments”, amongst others, who was unable to attend due to ill health. After the award presentations concluded, the industry audience moved on to wine, dine and catch-up until the small hours.”

ABC promo release for “The Flying Vet” soundtrack / March 1995

“Art Phillips’ astonishing music for the soundtrack to the ABC TV series, The Flying Vet, is the latest project in an illustrious and varied career that would take a dozen or more pages to detail. One listen to it and you know it won’t be his last…..just so long as he can find the time!”

FirstCom Music promo pak / August 1994

“Composer, producer, conductor – all around hot music guy from down under, Art Phillips, headlines this seasons explosive offerings from FirstCom. With a list of accomplishments as long as the Great Barrier Reef, he’s hard to categorize – you’ll just have to listen to track four on the demo (promo pak) to get a glimpse of real Art. Phillips knows how to set moods and evoke feelings. Listen to the wonder from DOWN UNDER.”

Congratulations letter from NSWFTO for AFI film score nomination

These are personal letters from my hero, Tony Mottola, back in the early 70’s

Personal letter from Elmer Bernstein (composer), December 16, 2003 – thanking Art Phillips for his conducting work on his orchestral film score theme, ‘Far From Heaven’ (Bernstein), at the 2003 Screen Music Awards (Sydney, Australia).