Heart Songs
Artist: Art Phillips and the 101 Music Group

Heart Songs
Artist: Art Phillips and the 101 Music Group

Soul-stirring, genuine, profound, moving. A collection of melodies and lyrics, featuring a variety of musical styles and artists, that expresses a multitude of human feelings to provide emotional solutions to our experiences and the stories you want to tell.

compelling, honest, memorable, engaging, profound, compassionate, endearing, thoughtful, sensitive, uplifting, genuine, soul-stirring, warm, comforting, tender, pure, emotional, moving, caring, healing, expressive, positive 

styles / genre
commercial, contemporary, classic, easy-listening, pop, country, rock, songs

track titles
All My Life, Home, If Our Paths Crossed, We Know You By Heart, Wings Of Tomorrow, Both Ends Against The Middle, Just A Word Away, It’s Just The Little Things, Comfort Zone, Reminds You Of Me, I’m Just A Man, Sono Solo Un Uomo, Let Me Go To Leave

album credits
Executive Producer: Art Phillips
Mixing & Mastering: Kathy Naunton, dB Mastering
Metadata & Marketing: Bev Klingsick & Art Phillips
Music Teaser: created and edited by Art Phillips / 101 Music Studios
Album Artwork & Video Animations: Pete White, Twin Pete’s Creative
Website Design: Dylan Prior, Unified Business Solutions

vocalists and artists:
Ron Seggi, Daniel McNamara, Gareth James Hudson, Margeaux Rolleston, The Ebony Sisters, Patricia Mattson, Greg Wayne, Mark Williams, Art Phillips, Michael Samuel, Daniel Tambasco, Avigail Herman and Justine Bradley,