Studio Facilities


The studio facilities and office of Art Phillips Music Design is located in Balmain NSW, just 15 minutes drive from the heart of Sydney (Australia). The studio is geared to work with audio & vision with the ability to deliver in a variety of formats. It is fully balanced with star earthing and is acoustically treated to deliver a precision mixing environment.

The facility was set up as a working space for Art Phillips; music composer for feature films, television series, documentaries, production music projects, corporate scores, advertising and record production.

The studio is Apple platform with Mark Of The Unicorns ‘Digital Performer’ for midi recording and digital audio. The recording console is an 108 channel DDA (DMR 12) analogue environment with the very best of British style EQ. The monitoring system is a matched pair of Genelec 1031A’s and the studio is equipped with an arsenal of synths, samplers, percussion modules, keyboards, state of the art outboard effects processors, numerous software synths and a large array of electric and acoustic guitars.

The audio room is set out with solid wood grain custom built furniture which includes one large work table, an 8’ long side workbench with 3 angled rack units for outboard gear, 2 synth module racks and 3 keyboard drawers. The computers and hard drives are encased in a separate sound proof environment and the digital tape machines are rack mounted and housed in solid timbre with a soundproof glass front door. The floor is floating wood parquet.

The office is separate from the audio room where every day business functions are carried out.



DDA (DMR 12) / 108 channel analogue recording console with automation
DDA power amp
Genelec monitors 1031 A (matched pair)
Onyko 100 watt power amp for keyboard monitoring system and headphone monitoring
Balanced audio patch bays, digital patch bay, time code patch bay and SPDIF patch bay.

Computer / Midi & Audio:

Apple G5 / 4 core with several 500 gig hard drives2 X 2 Page Apple colour monitor
Sony CD burner’s X 3
Mark Of The Unicorn Motu 1224 audio interface X 2
Mark Of The Unicorn MPT AV / Midi Time Piece
Sony PCM-800 8 track digital tape machine
Behringer Ultramatch / sample rate and format converter
Apple MacBook Pros X 2

Mixing / Playback:

Sony PCM 7040 time code Dat
Panasonic SV 3700 Dat
Tascam DAP1 portable Dat recorder
MCI ¼” tape machine
Sony TC-K511S audio cassette deck
Denon DCD-815 CD player
Sedco BKS-6 balancing amps X 2
Fostex Headphones X 7
Onkyo headphones X 4

Keyboards, Samplers and Synths:

2 Roland S-760 samplers (32 meg) / 3 hard drives, CD Rom and Jazz drives
Roland DA-400 X 2
Roland VP-9000 with 2 hard drives and CD Rom
Korg ES-1
Korg EA-1
Korg Wavestation EX
E-mu-Proteus 2
E-mu Proformance 1
Korg M3R
E-mu Procussion
E-mu SP12 percussion sampler
Roland JP-8000
DX7 & TX 7
Extensive library of CD Roms (samples for S-760’s and VP-9000 modules)
Numerous software synths for DP; East West Symphonic library, Omnisphere, Trilogy, Atmosphere, RMX, Symphobia, Vienna, Ivory, Ethno, Sounds of Polynesia, Voices of Passion, Symphonic choirs, +


Fender electric 6 string “Stratocaster”
Gibson 6 string electric “ES-355”
Valley Arts 6 string electric “M Series Stratocaster”
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Gibson 6 string acoustic “Country & Western” model
Guild D 50NT 6 string acoustic
Gibson 12 string acoustic
Ramirez 6 string nylon (classical)
Dobro 6 string acoustic
Conn high string Nashville acoustic
Epiphone tenor acoustic guitar
Gibson L-12 6 string f hole acoustic
Gibson L-12 (#2) 6 string f hole acoustic
Gibson L-48 6 string f hole acoustic
Gibson A 50 mandolin
Cantina Carmelo pot belly mandolin
Alhambra CS-3 CW classical guitar


Rivera / fifty five twelve
Fender Vibrolux Reverb
Fender Princeton reverb
Music Man RD-110

Outboard Effects Processors:

TC Electronic M2000
TC Electronic TC1210 Spatial Expander
BSS Varicurve
Roland SDE330 digital delay
Roland GP-100 guitar processor
DBX 166 and DBX 160 stereo
Roland SDE2500
Joe Meek VC-1
Yamaha SPX90 X 2
Talk Box
Mutron Bi-Phase
Panasonic MC-E458 1200 watt vacuum cleaner for vocal processing


2 Toshiba Regza 26” flat screens
2 Sony Trinitron television monitors
3 Vision switching boxes (8 ins / 8 outs)
Panasonic VHS NVF70 hi-Fi stereo VHS
Sony SLV-EZ111AZ hi-fi stereo VHS
Panasonic NV-HD100 hi-fi stereo VHS
JVC HR-J635EA hi-Fi stereo VHS