‘Global Music Award’ 2019 winner, for the album ‘Just You & I’ (101M043) for 101 Music Pty Ltd®, composed, produced and performed by Art Phillips.


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‘Global Music Award’ 2019, for the song ‘All Along’, produced by Art Phillips, Art Phillips Music Design, ‘Songwriters / Music & Lyrics’; Art Phillips (APRA) & Bev Klingsick (ASCAP)

The Business of Production Music

by: Art Phillips

first Published in

‘Loud Mouth’ (Music Trust E-zine)

April 2019

Global Music Awards’ – 2018 winner for ‘Italian Holiday’ album, Art Phillips


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Warm & Beautiful Landscapes (GRML0125) – composed, produced & performed by: Art Phillips for Groovers Music Library / 2019

Album description: Picturesque and panoramic themes & soundscapes for warm, touching and uplifting stories.

Album keywords: panoramic, warm, carefree, nostalgic, uplifting, dreamy, sensitive, evocative, caring, sincere, loving, heart-tugging, joyous, touching, emotive, floaty, gentle, airy, beautiful, stirring, arousing, calm, still, serene, loving, wide-open spaces.

Album styles / genre / usage: instrumental, organic, acoustic, landscape, wide-open spaces, uplifting scenes for television, film and documentaries.


Nomination – Production Music Association, PMA 2018 Mark Awards

September 18th, 2018

Dear family, friends and ‘101 Music’ sub-publishers/distributors,

This came as a wonderful surprise and is an absolute honor to receive a nomination for Best Production Music Library Jazz Artist’ from the PMA (Production Music Association) in the USA, 2018 MARK AWARDS.

The album release where this nomination aligns to is from my production music library record label ‘101 Music Pty Ltd’ that created ‘ITALIAN HOLIDAY’ (101M032) – composed, produced & performed by myself, Art Phillips/Arturo DiFilippo (electric and acoustic guitars).

‘ITALIAN HOLIDAY’ was released in the 101 Music Pty Ltd production music library catalog in January 2018   ‘ITALIAN HOLIDAY’ (101M032) – 101 Music Pty Ltd, production music release  and is also commercially released and can be purchased at the Apple Music store ‘ITALIAN HOLIDAY’ – artist: Art Phillips/Arturo DiFilippo, commercial release (apple store)

This is a special distinction for me and I am thrilled to receive this nomination, especially as the album is a tribute to my father who was a great guitarist from Erie, Pennsylvania (USA), also named Arturo Phillips, and how I learnt from the age of 5, playing the old classic Italiano songs together with my grandpa on mandolins, my Dad and I on guitars – playing in nonno’s kitchen many a night per week all through my childhood.

On this project, I played my fathers ‘1937 Gibson L-12 guitar’ with a classic ‘40’s DeArmond’ floating pick-up, and I also played my grandpa Antonio DiFilippo’s ‘1942 Gibson A-40 mandolin’. DiFilippo is my heritage family name, hence the release name with Arturo DiFilippo as the tribute.

I thank my father for his inspiration, love and passion with music, and I also gratefully thank and acknowledge the Production Music Association (PMA) for all that you do for our industry on an international level. In particular, I acknowledge the late Andy Mark for the creation of ‘The Mark Awards’, and thank all the judges who put in an extraordinary amount of time and expertise into the awards system each year.

This album, Italian Holiday, features the most synchronized and performed works from the ‘101 Music’ catalog:


Quote: “Art, I listened to your Italian album ‘Italian Holiday’ (101M032), beautiful work – I felt as if I were in Italy.  ‘Amore’ is especially gorgeous”.
Barry Manilow – vocalist & recording artist, songwriter, music producer & arranger (June 2018).

Passionate Hearts

Soul Of Italy

Italian Delight

Thank you for your friendship and continued support of the ‘101 Music Pty Ltd’ ® catalog.


Art Phillips

owner | managing director | composer

tele:   +61 2 9810 6611
cell:   +61 (0) 407 225811

Art Phillips was recently honoured with the title ‘Adjunct Professor’ for his extensive work in academia and his prolific career profile in the music industry as a music composer, producer, arranger/orchestrator and business entrepreneur. The title was bestowed by UBSS, Universal Business School of Sydney, where Art lectures and adjudicates on the occasional basis. Phillips has written a series of ‘case studies’ for UBSS and sits on the Academic Board Senate as well as the Course Advisory Committee.

Phillips is also the Deputy Chair of the Academic Board at The Australian Institute of Music (AIM). In addition, Art is responsible for writing and delivering the Master of Music & Media subjects, Music & Moving Image, Screen Music Analysis and Music & Media, for Excelsia College (Sydney, Australia).

Art holds his ‘Master of Music Studies’ (Queensland Conservatorium of Music / Griffith University) 1999.

In 2017, Adjunct Professor Art Phillips was honoured with a UBSS Fellowship Award, Universal Business School Sydney, “In recognition of his distinguished contribution to entrepreneurship in Australia”.

Italian Holiday (101M032) from 101 Music Pty Ltd

Composed, Produced, Arranged & Performed by: Art Phillips | Arturo DiFilippo


Heartfelt, soulful and festive themes featuring beautiful mandolins and guitars of Italy

101 Music Pty Ltd® creates original music uniquely designed for powerful storytelling. Quality, value and artistry are our priorities, delivering ‘emotional solutions through music’.

Owned and operated by multi-award winning composer Art Phillips with credentials including acclaimed international television series, feature films and advertising soundtracks. Art is a two-time Emmy Award winner, recipient of Gold and Platinum record awards and numerous screen music and production music awards. 101 Music works with a team of renowned music artists, composers, producers, audio & mastering engineers and metadata experts, creating a distinctive brand of music product that makes a difference.

101 – emotional solutions through music.


Composed and Produced by: Art Phillips

SCDV 739 / Sonoton Music

Positive and upbeat Mediterranean inspired acoustic themes for travel, vacation, food and scenic land and seascapes.


Warm Spaces – composer, artist & performer – Art Phillips (SCDV0641 Sonoton)

Earthy, warm and pure acoustic guitar textures performed by guitarist Art Phillips

arousing, loving, warm, tender, natural, caring, sensitive, thoughtful, gentle, heartwarming, positive, organic, romantic

ABC radio interview with Art Phillips –May 2017, music to moving image, history and mechanics of this artistic medium

APMD Records has produced and released the new record single for recording artist RON SEGGI, with an original country classic style song
‘BOTH ENDS AGAINST THE MIDDLE’ (Art Phillips / Bev Klingsick), produced by Art Phillips for APMD Records.Web site here

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon have licensed Art’s song ‘LAZY AFTERNOON’ as a featured selection which is used as guest ‘play-ons / play-offs’, featuring the original artists ‘The Roots’ (the Tonight Show’s house band).

Lazy Afternoon

Recording Artist: The Roots

Composed by: Art Phillips, Richard Rudolph, Tarik Collins, Ahmir Thompson & Leonard Hubbard

from the album: Do you want more ? / Geffen Records / 1994
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Big Wheel’ – live at Camelot (Sydney)

A fun venue, a swingin’ band and was a joy to play with the these talented musicians and especially Mr Harmonica – Jim Conway, WHAT A LEGEND !

The new music video clip of Forever and Ever: For Demis Roussos – by artists Chris Lloyds and Art Phillips

….….a tribute to world renowned recording artist Demis Roussos, who sadly passed away on 25 January 2015 (1946 – 2015).

The recording artist / guitarist on this release, Art Phillips, was musical director, orchestrator, arranger and guitarist for Demis Roussos from 1980 – 1983, touring South America, Mexico, Australia, the USA (Greek Theatre performance of 1981) and recordings in both London and Los Angeles.  Chris Lloyds, vocals, and Art Phillips, guitar and mandolin, join together to record and release this special tribute single to Demis Roussos, who is sadly missed by his children, family, friends and fan base. His legacy will live for time to come. Thank you Demis for the opportunity to share the stage with you and for being a life friend to me thereafter….. (Art Phillips).

Art Phillips, interviewed by Lou Baxter (July 2013)

MARIA VENUTI and ART PHILLIPS (Arturo DiFilippo) performing THEME FROM THE GODFATHER (SPEAK SOFTLY LOVE) – November 25, 2015 at the Co.As.It. Italian Family History Group event, Palace Cinemas, Leichhardt, NSW Australia.

Art’s record label, APMD, includes the following album releases:  


button‘Via-Portanova’ – Art PhillipsThis recording is inspired by my Italian upbringing, the love and passion of life, family and the music that was shared in my grandpa’s home in Erie, Pennsylvania USA where he immigrated from Montenero Val Cocchiara, Molise (Isernia) Italy in 1901. My musical path and passion for the arts was steered by this wonderful upbringing. My father, grandpa and I would play the selections contained on this album many a night in my grandpa’s kitchen, with family gathered all around.-

This is the 2nd commercial acoustic guitar album released by renowned guitarist, music composer and producer Art Phillips (Arturo Di Filippo). Traditional instrumental Italian music, featuring acoustic guitars and mandolins, that will transport you into the heart and soul of Italy.-



button ‘Chitarre Acustiche d’Italia’ (Acoustic Guitars of Italy) – traditional Italian instrumental music that will transport the listener into the heart & soul of Italy, featuring acoustic guitars & mandolins performed by Art Phillips. The album is a tribute to Art’s father and his Italian heritage.

Both Ends Against The Middle’ – Ron Seggi  (APMD records) –Love is easy, until it’s hard.  And then it all unravels like a rope.
Written by Art Phillips and Bev Klingsick, produced by Art Phillips for APMD Records.
Genre: Traditional Country / Contemporary CountryWebsite here


button ‘So Good So Far’ – cool, classy memorable jazz standards featuring vocalist Chris Lloyds & Art Phillips on acoustic guitars.

Art in concert at the TRISH MS BALL 2013, performing selections from the above CD, and a tribute to his lovely niece Natalie Dartnel

In August 2013 Art visited his mothers home town of Lorain, Ohio USA where he caught up with all his italian cousins and family. During the party Art, on guitar, and his cousin Bob Montalto, on trumpet and also guitar, and cousin David Perrier, vocals, had a fun afternoon jamming for many hours. Here is a snippet of one selection called I’M GONNA’ SIT RIGHT DOWN AND WRITE MYSELF A LETTER.

Tuscany and Cinque Terre (Italy) Art Retreat with Dawn Meader / Sept 2014Music performed by Art Phillips (Arturo Di Filipo), O Sole Mio from ‘Chitarre Acustiche d’Italia’ (CD) / Art Phillips (for CD purchase)
Chitarre Acustiche (for iTunes purchase)

 See button Resume  & button Biography for complete details.


• IRONMAN – Australian documentaries (2010 ~ 2012)
• CATALYST (science series)
• MISSING PERSONS UNIT (series 1 ~ 5)
• THE LOST TREASURE OF FIJI (13 part series and telemovie)
• DEAD TIRED (2 part documentary)
• MADE IN CHINA (special)
• OUTBACK HOUSE (8 part series)
• SANTA BARBARA (US daytime series)
• REPRISAL (telemovie)
• THE FATAL BOND (feature)
• THE WITNESS (US documentary)
• THE FLYING VET (series)
• RAP CITY (telemovie)
• NEIGHBOURS (series)
• GUIDING LIGHT (US daytime series)
• TOTAL EXPOSURE (US telemovie)
• SIGNAL ONE (feature)

Arts’ production music is used on the television series: Cold Case Files, The Dog Whisperer, Dancing With The Stars (US), America’s Most Wanted, Oprah Winfrey, American Idol, Ricki Lake Show, True Hollywood Story, 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, The US Today Show, Celebrity Profile, Amazing Medical Stories, True Hollywood Story, Survivor, NYPD Blue, Best Damn Sports Show Period, Fox Sports promos (US), Bonehead Detectives, Current Affair (US), Inside the NFL and Homes With Style.