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 ‘Italian Holiday’ – Art Phillips



Project description:
Travel, lifestyle, food, landscapes. Heartfelt, soulful and festive themes featuring beautiful mandolins and guitars of Italy.

Warm, beautiful, positive, upbeat, happy, jovial, loving, sincere, passionate, soulful, cheerful, heartfelt, delightful, friendly, joyful, festive, mandolins, guitars.

Styles / Genres
instrumental, Italian, Mediterranean, acoustic, folk, organic, travel, holiday, food, cooking, vacation, cultural, lifestyle, documentaries.

Composed & Performed by: Art Phillips | Arturo DiFilippo

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Warm-Spaces-composer2c-artist-performer-Art-Phillips-SCDV0641-SonotonWarm Spaces – composer, artist & performer – Art Phillips (SCDV0641 Sonoton)

Earthy, warm and pure acoustic guitar textures performed by guitarist Art Phillips

arousing, loving, warm, tender, natural, caring, sensitive, thoughtful, gentle, heartwarming, positive, organic, romantic

via-portanova itunes‘Via-Portanova’ – Art Phillips

This recording is inspired by my Italian upbringing, the love and passion of life, family and the music that was shared in my grandpa’s home in Erie, Pennsylvania USA where he immigrated from Montenero Val Cocchiara, Molise (Isernia) Italy in 1901. My musical path and passion for the arts was steered by this wonderful upbringing. My father, grandpa and I would play the selections contained on this album many a night in my grandpa’s kitchen, with family gathered all around.

This is the 2nd commercial acoustic guitar album released by renowned guitarist, music composer and producer Art Phillips (Arturo Di Filippo). Traditional instrumental Italian music, featuring acoustic guitars and mandolins, that will transport you into the heart and soul of Italy.

Chitarre Acustiche d'Italia‘Chitarre Acustiche d’Italia’ – Art Phillips

This project is a tribute to my father, Arthur M Phillips of American-Italian heritage, who was the root of my musical inspiration. My father was a wonderful guitarist and guided my musical path from a very early age. I grew up playing these songs as duets with him, and in trio form with my grandfather, Antonio, on mandolin.

This recording is solely inspired from an Italian musical upbringing, where I now feel I have come full-circle, learning these pieces as guitarist in my early years, then achieving a varied and diverse musical path stylistically as a musician. I feel the time is right to honour my early heritage. My father always hoped for me to record such an album, and it’s only now that I find the time and sensibility to produce this product.

Many of these compositions are traditional with a blend of 19th and 20th century songs, most penned by Italian composers.

both-ends-against-middle-singleBoth Ends Against The Middle’ – Ron Seggi  (APMD records)

Love is easy, until it’s hard.  And then it all unravels like a rope.
Written by Art Phillips and Bev Klingsick, produced by Art Phillips for APMD Records.

Genre: Traditional Country / Contemporary Country


Forever and ever.jpeg ‘Forever and Ever’ – a Tribute to Demis Roussos / by artists: Chris Lloyds and Art Phillips
A tribute to Demis Roussos by recording artists: Chris Lloyds and Art Phillips.

Demis Roussos, born 15 June 1946 ~ 25 January 2015, was a Greek singer and performer who had international hit records as a solo performer in the 1970s and 80s after having been a member of Aphrodite’s Child, a progressive rock group that also included Vangelis  (famous film composer and recording artist). Roussos sold over 60 million albums worldwide.

Art Phillips, co-artist on this release, was musical director, orchestrator, conductor and guitarist for Roussos from 1980 ~ 1983 where they toured South America, Mexico, Australia, the United Kingdom and performed a special concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.  Phillips also recorded for Demis, as guitarist, on various record albums.


olympic-odyssey‘Olympic Odyssey’– Art Phillips (FirstCom Music) 
Prestigious sports orchestral themes and fanfares by composer Art Phillips.
pacific-adventures-cultural‘Pacific Adventures’ – Art Phillips (FirstCom Music)



A creative fusion of world beat and indigenous sounds and instruments from the Pacific Islands and cultures from composer Art Phillips.



So Good So Far‘So Good So Far’ – Lloyds and Phillips
Chris Lloyds, vocals – Art Phillips, guitars. This project was recorded live in the studio, reminiscent of radio’s hey-day and those performances from the 1930’s and 40’s when artists like Perry Como and Tony Mottola would broadcast live. This recording had both performers in one room with two microphones, singing and playing ‘direct to tape’.
Native Spirit‘Native Spirit’ – Art Phillips
Ambient instrumental acoustic music of outback Australia – a re-release from ‘The Flying Vet’ TV series music soundtrack (music composed, arranged & produced by Art Phillips).
Outback House‘Outback House’ – Art Phillips
Expansive, rich, and robust orchestral music from the television series ‘Outback House’, set in 1861 about the epic journey of our early pioneers and their struggle to survive the hardships of outback life (music composed, orchestrated & produced by Art Phillips).
Light Spaces‘Light Spaces’ –
Art Phillips & Adrian Bolland
Ethereal & ambient. Calm and relaxed. Take a deep, deep breath…..relax…..now slowly exhale…..you are weightless…..floating like a cloud on the breeze…..you are at peace with all things…..close your eyes…..dream…..and believe…..aaaaahhhhhh